Goldman Prize Nominations

Each spring, the Goldman Environmental Foundation receives nominations from a pre-selected group of environmental experts from around the world.

Goldman Environmental Prize nominators work in a broad range of fields, including environmental justice, indigenous rights, natural resource protection, biodiversity conservation, citizen advocacy, environmental health, land management, human rights, and many more. Their on-the-ground knowledge and worldwide reach enable us to identify many of the world’s most inspiring grassroots environmental leaders.

Nominators include:

  • A diverse group of organizations working on environmental issues world-wide (this year’s nominating organizations are listed to the right); and
  • A confidential panel of over 150 environmental experts from more than 70 nations, including citizen activists, distinguished environmentalists working in the field, and prominent policymakers.

Foundation staff research nominations thoroughly, drawing on the resources of nominating organizations and individuals. The identities of nominees remain confidential throughout both the nomination and research processes. Final selections are made by the Goldman Environmental Prize Jury, which combines the commitment of the Foundation's Board of Directors with the expertise of distinguished environmentalists.

Selection Criteria

The following premises guide the Goldman Environmental Prize Jury in selecting Prize winners:

  • Recent achievements that have enhanced the environment and inspired others are the foundation for recognition
  • Grassroots initiatives are given priority over scientific, academic or governmental activities
  • Private citizens are given priority over executives of large NGOs
  • Government employees are eligible only for work outside the scope of their official responsibilities
  • The Prize is not a lifetime achievement award, nor is it given posthumously

Goldman Prize recipients often are:

  • Leaders in a grassroots campaign or sustained effort that seeks to have, or results in, a significant impact at the regional, national or global level
  • Leaders that provide significant inspiration to other environmentalists or to the public
  • Leaders who are well respected by their communities and colleagues
  • Individuals who have conducted their work at great personal risk
  • Individuals whose current work or campaigns would be significantly impacted by receiving the Prize

The Goldman Environmental Prize staff and jury give particular consideration to issues or geographic areas not yet recognized by the global community or the Prize. Recipients are often recognized near the time of a significant accomplishment and before they become well-known. While the Goldman Environmental Prize recognizes the importance of communities and organizations in many activists’ work, nominations of one individual are given preference.

The Goldman Environmental Prize does not accept unsolicited nominations.


Nominating organizations for the 2014 Goldman Environmental Prize:

Amazon Watch

The Conservation Fund

Conservation Strategy Fund

Earth Day Network

Earth Island Institute



Gaia Foundation

International Accountability Project

International Development Exchange

International Rivers

The Nature Conservancy

Pacific Environment

Rainforest Action Network

Rainforest Foundation UK

Sierra Club

Small Change Fund

Wildlife Conservation Society

World Wildlife Fund

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