Environmental Justice

Hilton Kelley’s Fight against Industrial Pollution Wins Recognition and Results

Congratulations to Hilton Kelley (2011) as his campaign to train and empower communities is recognized by AARP’s 2011 Inspire Award.

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2011 Prize: Q&A with Francisco Pineda

Living under the constant threat of assassination, Francisco Pineda courageously led a citizens' movement that stopped a gold mine from destroying El Salvador's dwindling water resources and the livelihoods of rural communities throughout the country. 

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2011 Prize Week: Q&A with Hilton Kelley

Hilton Kelley is an environmental justic leader at the forefront of the fight to protect communities from harmful industrial pollution on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Learn about how he's making a difference in his community of Port Arthur, Texas in the Q&A below.

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