Ban on Fracking Forces Petroleum Giant Out of Southern France

Bruno Van Peteghem, 2001 Goldman Environmental Prize winner for Islands and Island Nations, celebrated a victory as the French government recently adopted a nation-wide ban on hydraulic fracturing, a controversial natural gas extraction method frequently known as “fracking.”

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Prigi Arisandi (2011) Releases New Study, Pressures Government to Act

2011 Goldman Prize winner Prigi Arisandi and his team at ECOTON have been busily casting their nets in and out of the Surabaya River to take stock of the local fish habitat. They recently released findings from this population survey and are taking them to the government to develop sustainable river management policies.

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2011 Prize: Q&A With Prigi Arisandi

Prigi Arisandi is leading efforts to clean up the Surabaya River, a water source for three million people.  Learn more about how he's inspiring young people and taking legal action to stop industrial pollution in the Q&A below.

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More recent coverage of recipients in the field

Luis Yanza (Ecuador, 2008) traveled to the Gulf Coast with a delegation of indigenous leaders to advise communities affected by the BP oil spill disaster.

July 22, 2010
Advice for fighting oil companies
PRI's The World

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