EPA Announces Strict New Regulations

Last week marked an important victory for Hilton Kelly (2011) and the fight for clean air and pollution control. On Thursday, July 7, the EPA announced new regulations known as the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule that will force hundreds of power plants to reduce harmful emissions known to cause illnesses in downwind communities. Hilton Kelly had this to say about the new regulations:

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2011 Prize Week: Q&A with Hilton Kelley

Hilton Kelley is an environmental justic leader at the forefront of the fight to protect communities from harmful industrial pollution on the Texas Gulf Coast.  Learn about how he's making a difference in his community of Port Arthur, Texas in the Q&A below.

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Lynn Henning makes Oprah's 2010 Power List

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Lynn Henning (USA, 2010) was included in O Magazine's 2010 Power List, an honor she shares with veteran journalist Diane Sawyer, film star Julia Roberts, fashion designer Vera Wang, and other important women making a difference or emerging as leaders in their fields.

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Maria Gunnoe ('09) on the tragic WV coal mine explosion and Massey Energy's safety violations

Maria Gunnoe appeared on today's episode of Democracy Now to provide an on-the-ground perspective on the Massey Energy mine explosion that killed at least 25 workers.

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EPA to re-evaluate mountaintop removal coal mining

The voices of the thousands of Appalachians living with contaminated drinking water have finally been amplified over the past several days with a long-overdue announcement about halting mountaintop removal permits from the EPA and a widely-discussed New York Times story on Sunday about the devastating effects of coal-tainted water.

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Army can go forward with weapons incineration

The Army has been approved by a U.S. District judge to go forward with its plans to incinerate World War II-era chemical weapons, dealing a huge blow to the 20 citizens' groups that opposed the incineration in a lawsuit. Craig Williams's Chemical Weapons Working Group was the plaintiff in the case against the U.S. Department of Defense. The incineration plans stem from a 1993 order by Congress for the Army to dispose of certain chemical weapons stockpiles in order to comply with an international treaty.

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