Creating Solutions at the 2012 Biennial Gwich'in Gathering

The five day 2012 Biennial Gwich’in Gathering in Fort McPherson, Canada wraps up tomorrow. Sarah James, Board Chair of the Gwich’in Steering Committee, gave the following background on the event:

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The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo join the fight to stop pesticide spraying in Argentina

Sofia Gatica, 2012 Goldman Prize winner and co-founder of the Mothers of Ituzaingo, recently participated in a massive march supporting a lawsuit against Monsanto, a massive agrochemical company whose indiscriminate spraying of toxic pesticides has poisoned thousands of Argentinians.  

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Exports of Coal from Appalachia on the Rise

2009 Goldman Prize recipient Maria Gunnoe knows that the coal industry’s main priority is to make a profit, and that exporting coal to fast-growing economies like China is indeed profitable.

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Good News for Prigi Arisandi’s Campaign to Clean-up the Surabaya River

After working closely with Prigi Arisandi and the team at ECOTON, the governor of East Java, DR Soekarwo, has agreed to create a new sanctuary zone for native fish on the Surabaya River. Arisandi’s team just concluded a one year research project on the Surabaya, which revealed that the river’s water quality is the healthiest it has been since at 2002. ECOTON was happy to declare that section of the river as ‘good habitat for fish,’ a significant victory for Arisandi’s campaign to clean-up the Surabaya.


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Deadly Attack on Okapi Wildlife Reserve Leaves Community Shaken

The Okapi Wildlife Reserve in the Democratic Republic of Congo covers more than three million acres, and houses 13 primate species, forest elephants, and animals found nowhere else on Earth, including the okapi, a forest giraffe.

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US Senate Approves Magnitsky Bill

Evgenia Chirikova recently testified before the European Parliament on Vinci’s role in the St. Petersburg-Moscow toll motorway project which threatens to destroy the Khimki forest.

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Reflections on Rio: Seeing plenty in half-full glass

After finally getting caught up on our inbox and backlog of to-dos, Goldman Prize staff took some time to reflect on our week in Rio. And while we share the many frustrations at the vacuum of government leadership, it’s become clear that what went down at Rio Centro did little to undermine the tremendous participation from the grassroots level.


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Meet the artist behind the opening video for the 2012 Prize ceremony

This week we are spotlighting artist and activist Yann Arthus-Bertrand, the man behind the stunning aerial photography and videography collections that were featured at the 2012 Goldman Prize ceremony.

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