US Completes Chemical Weapon Eradication in Utah

Since the US began destroying its chemical weapon stockpiles in 1986, Craig Williams has been monitoring the process to ensure that safe disposal methods are in place.

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Patriot Coal Agrees to Stop Mining near Maria Gunnoe’s Home

Maria Gunnoe’s fight to end mountain top removal coal mining began in 2000, when a huge mining project got started on the ridge behind her home in Boone County, West Virginia. She was awarded the Goldman Prize in 2009, but her campaign to protect her home and community from the coal industry continue to this day. 

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Fight to Keep New Waste Incineration Technologies Out of the Philippines

In 2003 Von Hernandez won the Goldman Prize for his activism against toxic waste incineration in the Philippines. Thanks in part to his efforts, the Philippines became the first country ever to pass a nationwide ban on waste incineration with the Clean Air Act in 1999, followed shortly thereafter by the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act in 2001.

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Belgian National Park Gets New Champions, Boost for UNESCO World Heritage Site Application

An idea conceived by a group of friends over a round of beers in a Belgian pub 15 years ago is now getting serious traction throughout Western Europe as a model for land conservation. Its newest champion is tennis star Kim Clijsters, who is now an ambassador for one of Ignace Schops’ projects at Regionaal Landschap Kempen and Maasland (RLKM)

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Ecuadorian Court Slams Chevron with $18 Billion Ruling

“I will continue fighting for rights and justice until the last days of my life.”

That is what 2008 Prize winner Luis Yanza said about the legal battle he and fellow Prize winner Pablo Fajardo been waging against the oil-giant Chevron for nearly 20 years.

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Via Verde Pipeline May Be Forced to Find Alternate, Less Destructive Route

Alexis Massol-Gonzalez, 2002 Prize winner from Puerto Rico, is celebrating the New Year with a victory for the fight against the proposed Via Verde pipeline. In mid-December, a court denied Via Verde’s request to expropriate residential land to make way for building.


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Implementation for Historic Bill Protecting Indigenous Communities in Peru Underway

Among the greatest environmental victories in Peru last year was the unanimous passage of the “Prior Consultation Law” by the Peruvian Congress. Signed into law by President Ollanta Humala, the bill requires companies to consult with indigenous communities before undertaking any development project on their traditional lands and marks a historic step forward for indigenous rights

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