Happy Holidays from the Goldman Prize Staff and 2011 Winners

The courageous and monumental work of all Goldman Prize winners brings us plenty of cheer this season.  Happy holidays from all of us at the Goldman Prize. We look forward to more victories from our Prize recipients in the New Year.

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Gold Mining in Poor Communities: Sweet for Gold Traders, Bitter for Child Workers

While kids throughout the US were trick-or-treating for sweets during Halloween this year, 2009 Goldman Prize winner Yuyun Ismawati was busy distributing chocolate gold coins to UN delegates in Nairobi as part of her campaign to protect communities from the environmental damage and contamination that comes with small-scale gold mining, which makes d

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SBS Ecowater Award Bridges 16-Year Span in Goldman Prize History

Congratulations to Prigi Arisandi (2011) who won this year's SBS Ecowater Award for his efforts to secure better water resource management and protection in Indonesia.


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Help ‘Stamp Out Extinction’ While Spreading Holiday Cheer

For those of you who diligently mail out holiday cards every year, 2011 presents a special opportunity to help save endangered species while sharing holiday wishes with your loved ones.

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US, Global Community One Step Closer To Safe Chemical Weapon Eradication

Craig Williams (2006), director of the Chemical Weapons Working Group (CWWG) has just returned from The Hague in the Netherlands.

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Hilton Kelley’s Fight against Industrial Pollution Wins Recognition and Results

Congratulations to Hilton Kelley (2011) as his campaign to train and empower communities is recognized by AARP’s 2011 Inspire Award.

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Historic Elections Underscore Significance of Fight to Protect Okapi Reserve in Eastern Congo

What do Ben Affleck, Cindy McCain and Corneille Ewango (2005) have in common? An understanding that local communities working together at the grassroots level is the surest way to defeat a common problem or reach a common goal.

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